"X but art." Emily Segal Talks with AQNB

“X but art.” From AQNB: Author Emily Segal on sociality & subculture in the unbundled now for her debut novel Mercury Retrograde.

"I started having dreams about Coinbase after I finally bought crypto. I didn’t buy that much of it, I bought a little bit of it, and I instantly started dreaming about it; it made me feel in a very weird, slutty way connected to all the other people who held these currencies. That’s actually something that I think I don’t like about it but I find very interesting. A close friend of mine that was really into the GameStop speculation also was feeling very networked with all the other people that were in on that. I do think there’s something subtle in the way that these types of speculative internet moments sort of bundle together outcomes for a huge group of people, and that probably has some interesting psychological significance."