Read the first poem from Jeanetta Rich's BLACK VENUS FLY TRAP

Deluge is very proud to have published, last year, a collection of poems by Jeanetta Rich: BLACK VENUS FLY TRAP. For the readers among you who have not yet risked falling prey to this writing's mordant ferocity and limpid slippery allure, here is LOVE POEM, which appears as the opening piece in Rich's book.



the finders fee to recruit a black woman for porn is 100.00


for a white woman 225.00

you say we can make big bucks

asian and latina women are grouped into the $225

denomination as well



I'm sorry

that the tones of my Skin are far too warm for you to make

any substantial profit from



faces are obsolete and ass is all the rage in Hollywood



you sneered

               under breath

then apologized

                for the bad joke



I can't help but to give into your

Auburn abyss of man.

I fell for you

despite your bipolar disorder

and sexual deviant behavior



But the cock ring was a bit much for me



I'm sorry

my stop meant


not harder



you're unrelenting

and stripped down to nothing

              the wide window


with a lovely view of an


if dumpsters could talk

they'd laugh


at the thumping

my chin


against the peephole



I'm sorry


this wasn't supposed to be a rape poem

it was supposed to be a love poem


          I never get to write those


                 i know it's My fault

just like the last time

just like every time


I'm sorry


what I wanted to say:


In The Galaxy before this,

I am certain of our existence.

You were a supreme ruler.

The fire that spout from the middle of your forehead

welded me from scrap brass

You asked God to give me life

and he did.

We lived in the forest

and on our wedding night

a [rival tribesman]

stole me away


Before you killed him,

he stabbed you in the   abdomen. 

Then you found me

My garments soiled and split in two.


for centuries this same body

has been a constant   spoil of war

and so you slit my throat....


Tell me am I worthless?


here we are now

should've known better.

should've recognized you as soon as you took off your shirt

the scar now a perfectly symmetrical keloid


my shoulder blades break across the plane of your chest

I can't breathe but I manage to call on Jesus and bite my



as if I wasn't supposed to utter his name

I hear God laughing at me


"I told you to stay away from that crazy ass nigga."