Interview with Emily Segal in VICE about Mercury Retrograde

Emily Segal Interview in VICE: "Why the 2010s Were the Decade of Mercury in Retrograde."

"The book—which grew out of a 2015 essay she wrote on the concept for e-flux journal, in addition to some K-Hole-era writings, then metamorphosed over time into an absorbing narrative page-turner—tells the story of a young artist, also named Emily Segal, who joins a mysterious Williamsburg tech start-up called Exe. Tasked with designing a brand identity for a company whose actual value proposition nobody seems to understand, she embarks on the adventure with the idea of turning the whole experience into an art project—only to find that the "anything is possible" techno-optimism that defined so much of the past decade, from the art world to Silicon Valley, only seems to yield increasingly confusing (and sometimes painful) results."