A Conversation Between K Allado-McDowell and Emily Segal in Outland

This week, we are delighted to release K Allado-McDowell's novelette AMOR CRINGE.

Recently, they talked with Emily Segal for Outland magazine about their pathbreaking work with GPT-3, the intersection of tech and astrology, and much else. Read it here.

"Writing Amor Cringe was a very different process. It was prompted by a series of conversations I had with you about the nature of cringe and the fundamental underlying empathy and the modeling of self and others that it implies. I was also thinking about more esoteric interpretations of the cringe phenomena, like the Buddhist question of whether or not there is a self to model. Maybe cringe could be a vehicle toward that realization. I wanted to explore shadow material, or things that make me cringe. When I had the option of making a choice, I was going to make the cringiest choice, whatever that meant. The book had to be as cringe as possible."